Rupert Annual 2019

Rupert Annual 2019


In this year’s Rupert Annual, Rupert has many more adventures with the sugar birds, a lost locket, flavoured rain . and much more! Enjoy a brand-new story ‘Rupert and the May Queen’ originated and illustrated by Stuart Trotter plus much-loved favourite tales illustrated by John Harrold and Alfred Bestall.

The stories included are:
Rupert and Bill and the Treetops, Rupert and the Sugar Bird, Rupert and the Turnips, Rupert and the Coral Island illustrated by Alfred Bestall; Rupert and the Flavours illustrated by Alex Cubie; Rupert and the Christmas Treeillustrated by John Harrold. Plus new story, Rupert and the May Queen originated and illustrated by Stuart Trotter.

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