Flying Fergus 7 The Wreck It Race

Flying Fergus 7 The Wreck It Race


A new coach is needed – but what can a wheelchair basketball champion teach Fergus and friends about cycling? Fergus is sure their new coach is going to be his ultimate hero, cycle champ ‘Spokes’ Sullivan, so when Grandpa introduces Charlotte Campbell, the children are all less than impressed. Charlie is the successful captain of the Paralympic wheelchair basketball team and has some interesting training methods. She gets the team doing yoga and wheelbarrow races, and enters them in the Wreck-It Run, a charity race where everyone creates their own adapted bikes from parts and must compete in pairs. Fergus is sure Charlie is off her rocker – how will this help them get faster for the International time trials?

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Author Chris Hoy Published by Piccadilly Press ISBN 9781848126336 EAN 9781848126336 Bic Code Cover Paperback


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