Bear Grylls Adv 5 The River Challenge

Bear Grylls Adv 5 The River Challenge


Jack loves all sorts of outdoor activities – but he just can’t stand getting wet. Can an adventure with Bear Grylls in a Chinese river gorge, rafting down the rapids, change his mind? Anything that means he might have to swim and Jack is the first to duck out of it. But when he falls into a small stream at Camp, he’s not just embarrassed – he’s been transported to a raging river where dangers lurk around every bend. Luckily, the inspirational adventurer Bear Grylls is there to guide him through the treacherous waters and give him back some of his lost confidence.

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Author Bear Grylls Published by Bear Grylls ISBN 9781786960160 EAN 9781786960160 Bic Code Cover Paperback


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